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See what you receive with every Property Evaluation
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Uncover your home's entire history for only $399

Forever price!!!

A Mototext Homes Property Evaluation Report is greater than an appraisal. Your protection matters. Here's what you receive below.

  • Receive documents and records on a property such as owner information, mortgage records, liens, and even previous repairs.
  • See property details and assess comparable properties from local listings.
  • Know exactly where a property fits into the real estate market of today.
  • Information on the potential income generated by the property, such as rent revenues.
  • Receive the Open Market Listing Price and Highest Allowable Cash Offer on the property.

Whether you are moving in or looking to sell, you should know everything there is about your home. A Property Evaluation collects the most important information to add to your records.

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You should always know

Mototext Homes gives you access to property value details with the help of top real estate analytics technologies. This makes it easy to understand the market that directly impacts your family's biggest investment.

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Current Home
Value Estimates

Receive a current home value estimate and see how it may have changed over time.

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Tax and Owner

See tax payments, owner equity, and anyone associated with the home.

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Comps and
Nearby Listings

Access to comparable data and current market trends if you choose to sell in the future.

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Never Accept
the Wrong Offer

Avoid undervaluing or paying more for a property. Find out exactly what a home is worth with the data to back it up.

What people are saying about Mototext Homes

"Got a property evaluation and it literally saved me from renting a house that was in preforeclosure!

Long story short, I was looking for a 2 bd and came across a place that looked nice. Something didnt seem right with the owner and i wanted more info on the actual property. I purchased a Property Evaluation on the house and it turns out the house was behind on taxes with a bunch of other liens and up for auction.

Thank you Mototext Homes! Every renter needs a property evaluation because the report gives you details that landlords will leave out."

Eliza Cambridge

Home Renter

"Mototext Homes have been a pleasure to work with! The turnaround time for their Property evaluation report was really fast! Im talking next day fast.

True rockstars! The report was the best breakdown of a property ive ever seen. Very detailed and easy to understand. Highly recommend them."

Avery Johnson


"Mototext Homes has done a few Property Evaluation Reports for my partner and I. They are a pleasure to work with and the reports are always really thorough. Like extensive info on every property.

They provide complete and accurate data on everything from single family homes to commercial properties. Photos are all current and reflect current conditions.

I would highly recommend Mototext Homes when it comes to finding the real history and status of a property."

Amos Townsend


"Ive always have a great experience whenever i worked with Mototext Homes and OMG!!!

I am so impressed with the amazing new service. The Property Evaluation was INCREDIBLE! it gave me info on my house that i honestly didnt even know."

Madison Lacey

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  • Earn up to $5000 on our real estate deals from the comfort of your own home.
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