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See what you receive with every Property Evaluation
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Uncover your home's entire history for only $79.99

A Mototext Homes Property Evaluation provides full property details, comparable listings, tax information, linked properties, transaction history, etc.

  • Receive documents and records on a property such as owner information, mortgage records, liens, and even previous repairs.
  • See property details and assess comparable properties from local listings.
  • Know exactly where a property fits into the real estate market of today.
  • Information on the potential income generated by the property, such as rent revenues.

Whether you are moving in or looking to sell, you should know everything there is about your home. A Property Evaluation collects the most important information to add to your records.

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You should always know

Mototext Homes gives you access to property value details with the help of top real estate analytics technologies. This makes it easy to understand the market that directly impacts your family's biggest investment.

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Current Home
Value Estimates

Receive a current home value estimate and see how it may have changed over time.

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Tax and Owner

See tax payments, owner equity, and anyone associated with the home.

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Comps and
Nearby Listings

Access to comparable data and current market trends if you choose to sell in the future.

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Never Accept
the Wrong Offer

Avoid undervaluing or paying more for a property. Find out exactly what a home is worth with the data to back it up.

What people are saying about Mototext Homes

We closed over the holidays and Mototext Homes made sure the closing date worked for me.

We got a fair offer on our home, the closing was fast, the service was friendly and professional from start to finish.

Mike Caldwell


The experience and service was outstanding. Their team helped explain the process to me and my client as we worked through selling her house in a short amount of time.

Deborah Hartman

Real Estate Agent

We just uploaded pictures of our house and got an offer really fast. No mishaps or fuss, they were flexible and helpful with our closing date.

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Receive one year of free membership with your Property Evaluation

You will have access to our homeowner programs and more with your Property Evaluation Report:

  • We provide you with the education, process, leads and brand affiliation to be successful in real estate.
  • Programs to help singles and married couples build usable, lender-ready credit to apply for a mortgage.
  • Earn up to $5000 on our real estate deals from the comfort of your own home.
  • Eliminate high electricity bills and increasing payments with access to our home solar program.
  • Gain access to funding and close your next real estate deal on time.

You'll have access to these programs for up to one year. Take advantage of everything Mototext Homes has to offer!

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