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We set out to revolutionize how Americans buy and sell homes. Send us your property information for highest cash offer. Move on to better things.
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Our process is fast, simple and safe!

Upload a Property

We need to understand your situation to find how we can help. It takes less than 10 minutes to upload.

Receive an Offer

After we research the property, we create a fair offer based on the market, repairs, and debt on the home.

Collect your Payment

We handle the entire process so you can focus on your next move. Simply pickup payment at closing.

About Mototext Homes...

Our mission

We believe home ownership should not be a burden. It's time to make things easier. It's time for Mototext Homes!

We're on a mission to bring relief to 1 million homeowners by providing programs that put money back into their homes and in their pockets.

Our programs guide investor dollars into struggling communities, equip households with solar energy, save homeowners from foreclosure, and provide access to a career in real estate from the safety of your home.

We had to adapt

With the arrival of COVID-19, we were tasked with keeping our business open, as well as protecting our officers and clients.

If you're selling your home then you know how common it is to have house visits from inspectors, real estate agents, and strangers walking through your home.

That just isn't safe anymore. So, we've enhanced our online process to keep it simple, keep you safe, and move it fast.

Upload my home

Platform driven

We have fully integrated online. No foot traffic. No strangers. Buy and sell with ease.

Offer guarantee

No matter how difficult your situation, our aim is to get money in your pocket for your next move.


Never get an offer without explanation. Receive a property evaluation with your cash offer.
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Investor, seller, somewhere in between? This is for you!

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