The U.S. government is investing in solar.

Homeowners are going solar to reduce and eliminate their power bill. It's a government solar program with $0 money out of pocket.

Let's see if your home is eligible for solar and what you can expect to save with a new system.

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How can solar energy save you money?

One of the biggest reasons homeowners are going solar is to reduce and completely eliminate their power bill. With the help of the U.S. government, it's now easier than ever to get your panels installed!

Get the right solar system for your home

Stop living in the dark to save on your electricity bill. Let the sunlight power your home for free.

Select a time for our solar consultant to visit you. They will see if your roof receives enough sunlight, how much you can expect to lower your bill, and how many panels needed.

*A minimum credit score of 645 to qualify.

Why Georgia homeowners are going solar?

Solar is the most reliable power source on Earth and when combined with a backup solar battery it will protect homeowners from extended power outages as well as eliminate your electricity bill.

Receive a premium installation and simple process.

Switching to solar should not be complicated. We handle every detail of your switch to solar.

Solar Sale USA provides homeowners with the highest quality Axitec solar panels as well as a dedicated Solar Consultant who is with you every step of the way.

We're a TrustDALE Certified Solar Company!

With over 5000 solar systems designed, Solar Sale USA has become Georgia’s trusted partner for solar energy.

Commercial and residential property owners continue to turn to us for all their solar power needs because we provide quality solar power services.

Installed Solar Customers

We make the process easy for Georgia homeowners to switch to renewable energy!

"Great service! We had so many phone calls but it came down to the warranty and the sales guy was very nice. We also got $500 for referring our neighbor who got a system too!"

- Rita Heyward

"Great customer service! The process took a few weeks but we were updated every week. First month bill dropped $218!"

- Thomas Son

"Solar Sale USA handled everything related to our solar system from all permits, paper works, tax forms, engineering, design, material order and installation."

- Melinda Spears

"The process only took a few weeks to get installed. The power went out the other day and the battery kicked on. Our lights and fridge came back on in seconds."

- Isaac Wheaton

Equipment is working like a charm. Last electric bill was $32 from $250. I expect it to be lower next time. Solar Sale USA took care of all paperwork. Thanks!

- Abdul Momin Arju

Monitor your solar system with the click of a button.

Easily track real-time solar production, consumption, and self-consumption via your system’s monitoring dashboard.

This free, easy to use application runs on your mobile device to give you a dashboard of your power performance. Access insights and smart-schedule your energy usage to avoid high utility rates and keep your bills low.

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Get installed in 3 to 24 weeks.

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