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NO UPFRONT FEES! The processing fee of $495 is now charged on the back-end.
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About Transactional Funds...

The Basics

You don’t have to be well financed to be eligible for the one to three day transaction funding program. You can keep your financial privacy and don’t need to produce mountains of documentation or even have a credit check done.

This is simple. A one to three day, back-to-back real estate transaction funding involves 3 parties and 2 stand alone closings.

"A" - Seller

"B" - Investor

"C" - End Buyer

"A" sells to "B" (AB Closing) and "B" sells to "C" (BC Closing).

Work Gets Done

You (Investor B above) receive a private, 1-3 day bridge loan to buy Seller A’s property. Charged only 1.75% versus the industry’s standard of 2-3% or higher and you don’t have to use one penny of your own money.

On the same closing day, you sell the property to End Buyer C. These two transactions, or closings, must take place on the same day (certain exceptions apply due to state regulations) and use the same title company or closing agent.  The C end buyer's funds must already be in escrow when AB closing takes place.

The Key is Separate Funding

The only way this can occur is for the AB and BC closings to be funded separately. Title companies are not permitted to participate in simultaneous closings funded by one party. Both AB and BC closings must be able to stand on their own as individual closings with separate funds.

We can easily arrange for a private loan to help you buy property for a back-to-back real estate transaction. You just need to have an end-buyer in place for the second closing.

Transactional Funding Fee Schedule

Requesting transactional funds is quick and easy. Just complete and submit the form below. You should receive a response within one business day.

  • Up to $115,000 for $2,000 flat fee
  • $115,001 to $1,000,000 at 1.75%
  • Over $1,000,000 with fee and rate are case by case
  • Back-end processing fee up to $1M for $495

Have ease of mind and prompt monetary solutions for your real estate funding needs. Benefit from a private loan to help you buy property for a transaction. You just need to have an end-buyer in place for the second closing.

Once you submit your information to us, you will be redirected to our partner page where you can give more info on the property and seller.

Be sure to use our referral code: MOTOTEXTHOMES when requesting funds.

Mortgage Preparation Program

For Future Home Owners

A lot of our life goals start with the home. Striving to purchase our first house is often at the top. It's a place you can truly call your own, where you grow your family and plant your roots for years to come. But even today, the dream of owning a home can feel out of reach despite your hard work.

We have programs designed for people that are able to afford the day-to-day costs of home ownership but who are kept from it by large down payment requirements.​

Build Lender Ready Credit

Trying to get a mortgage can open your credit up to all kinds of scrutiny from lenders. If your credit score is lower than average, then shopping for a home is a good time to fix your credit to qualify for a mortgage.

When it comes to your credit report, approval for a mortgage depends on a number of things, including:

  • Your payment history
  • Your total debt level to determine your debt to income ratio
  • The age of your credit history
  • Your credit score

Our trusted partners help you build usable, lender-ready credit. Should your credit require improvements, our partners offer services for individuals and couples to prepare you for your mortgage.

The process handles medical, evictions, bankruptcy, credit cards, and student loan debt. . It will address every aspect of your credit that can affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage:

  1. Help identify erroneous items on your credit report
  2. Flag “high-risk” disputes that may trigger collection activity
  3. Manage the dispute process
  4. Suggest a credit management plan to raise your scores

The sooner you act the sooner you will see the credit score you need to meet mortgage requirements. Inquire today to have your credit evaluated and develop a plan to get approved.

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