Basic Plan

Don't go at it alone. We've got your back.

As an officer, you have the full support of the Mototext brand including apparel, guides, marketing and more!
Gain Access to Basic Plan
Brand Name
Speak on behalf of a trusted company, not as a single-player.
Close More Deals
Our network of investors has grown. We close on most leads.
Zero Risk
We handle all paperwork and contracts. Get paid upon close.
15% Every Time
As an officer, you earn a large share of the deals we close on.

About Mototext Homes Officers...

The old way is done

The world of real estate is like the wild west. Thousands of individual investors, wholesalers and home owners all jumbled in a pot, scrapping for the forever fleeting dollar. There is no order.

Bandit signs thrown up with the all too common "WE BUY HOUSES" and a phone number. Naturally, home owners are skeptical and will receive dozens of random calls from complete strangers, looking to buy their house.

Are you one of these strangers? How many times have you been hung up on, door slammed in your face, or maybe the fear of those two keep you from speaking to owners.

But even that should not keep you from making money.

How it works

You will never have to make a call or knock on a door again.

Find motivated sellers anywhere throughout the country and receive a percentage of the deal once we close. Feel the confidence of having an entire brand behind you as we provide the tools necessary to earn money on leads.

Branded apparel

Mototext Homes Officer Apparel

Whether you're out researching homes in your neighborhood or in the county court house asking for property records, let everyone around you know you mean business.

All Mototext Homes officers receive branded gear (2 shirts, 2 hats and 2 rain coats). Have a step above any individual wholesaler when you partner with the Mototext brand.

Basic guide to wholesale

Never wholesaled a day in your life? Never heard of it? That's okay! We'll supply a basic guide. You will receive an understanding of the process, how to find deals, and finding motivated sellers.

Highly effective customized text messages

Our text messages are crafted carefully and are the best way to cut through the typical 'WE BUY HOUSES!' bandit signs. Mototext Homes is here to actually help. Use our customized text messages to connect with home owners.

1000 Highly effective personalized introductory letters

When paired with the custom text message, our mailed letters will set you apart in the eyes of homeowners. Add a personal touch with our Mototext Homes introductory letters.

1000 Custom envelops and stamps

Make sure your personalized letters stand out in the mailbox with Mototext Branded envelopes. We'll also save you a trip to the post office by sending you enough stamps to send your letters anywhere in the country.

500 Business cards

Introduce yourself with Mototext Homes branded business cards. Provide homeowners you meet with something tangible to remember you by. Your member ID is printed on your cards and links you to every owner you speak with.

Access to 200 million active property leads nationwide

Gain access to the most accurate real estate database available with over 200 million active property leads. Our software allows you to search for property information anywhere in the United States.

Search for properties in seconds, make quick decisions with the most up to date information, evaluate market trends, equity, foreclosure, tax lien, bankruptcy data and more. Benefit from tutorials on how to find property information in your area!

Member identification nationwide

Every Mototext Homes Officer has their own personalized verification code called a "member ID". The member ID is unique to Mototext Homes Officers and is associated with any properties found.

Earn 15% once we close

We've taken years to accumulate a solid list of investors, attorneys, legal contracts and forms to smoothly complete deals. Receive the benefit of ensuring your leads go through.

You don't need to scan Facebook groups to find a buyer. You don't need to call title companies or closing attorneys to see if they work with wholesalers. You don't need to spend hours creating contracts and documents for a deal.

We take care of all the legwork while you still receive 15% of our revenue. Depending on the property, our revenue can start at $20,000 and higher.

You do the math... actually, we'll do it for you: $20,000 x 15% = $3,000. That's $3,000 minimum paid to you for one deal!

Gain Access to Basic Plan